Gaming Chromebook with Nvidia GPU: Big G cancels all projects

The interest for me Chromebook it is growing, also because they are products made by companies of a certain importance such as ASUS, Samsung and Lenovo. They are laptops with an advantageous price and which guarantee a fluid and agile user experience thanks to the operating system Chrome OS. With some announcements from last year, the foundations were laid for an unexpected event upgrade in ottica gaming. But something has changed, unfortunately.

Goodbye to gaming Chromebooks with Nvidia GPUs

In October 2022, some companies announced their intention to make gaming Chromebook models with dedicated graphics card and themed looks. In May of this year, however, new information was leaked about it state of the art development of laptops with Chrome OS and Nvidia GPUs. Yet, despite everything, none of these devices seems to be destined to see the light.

The Web site About Chromebooksdigging here and there, has discovered clues that leave very little room for the imagination: Google reportedly canceled numerous Chromebook projects with Nvidia GPUs, including those at the center of last year’s announcements. From Big G still no comment about it, but the decision seems to have been made.

Chromebook Lenovo da gaming

Should it be confirmed, this news will turn up their noses at all users who were hoping for Chrome OS notebooks designed (also) to launch without difficulty into exciting gaming sessions. In fact, despite the closure of Google Stadia, the community’s interest in platforms such as Steam, GeForce Now (by Nvidia, in fact) and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

But has everything been lost? Not really, because there are some high-end Chromebooks that do in the cloud gaming field they manage to have their say (despite the absence of a suitable GPU). An example is the ASUS Vibe Flip CX5501FEA-NA0354, with a processor 11th generation Intel Core i3, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage.


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