Gaming keyboard Do we love to play RPGs, shooters or other types of multiplayer computer games? To be able to play like professionals, however, we cannot use a simple keyboard, identical to the one we would use to write in Word or to surf the Internet, but we must use a keyboard designed for gaming, so as to reduce lag to zero when pressing the keys and obtain with all the optimizations designed to give you an undoubted advantage during the most intense sessions.

Just to meet the needs of the most avid gamers, in this guide we will show you what features a good mechanical gaming keyboard must have and, once we have seen this, we will be ready to dive into the buying guide, where we will find the best models currently available on Amazon, for many the best place to buy a new keyboard.

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Best gaming keyboards

In the following chapters we will discover the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard, what other features a good gaming keyboard must have and we will show you a series of models for all budgets, so you can immediately choose the new keyboard to reserve for our games.

Mechanical or membrane keyboard?

One of the biggest dilemmas for those approaching to buy a new keyboard is whether to choose a mechanical or a membrane one; below we have gathered information on these two types of keyboards:

  • Mechanical keyboard: this keyboard works through a series of switches, which are pressed by the chosen key, generating the electrical impulse which then arrives at the PC. They are the best for playing because they offer great reactivity, precision in pressing one or more keys and are durable (they break with difficulty), but they are heavier and bulky than the membrane models.
  • Membrane keyboard: this keyboard offers an electrical panel with contacts corresponding to the keys; when the keys are pressed they close the corresponding electrical contact generating the response for the PC. They are much cheaper and lighter but can generate "ghost" key presses, are inaccurate and tend to break easily.

We therefore recommend to play always aim for a mechanical keyboard given the superior quality and greater precision in pressing the keys. Some manufacturers have also introduced hybrid keyboards with mechanical buttons on a membrane surface, but to be on the safe side let's make sure that the features described in the next paragraph are also present.
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Features gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are not all the same, so before buying one, be sure to check the following technical features.

  • Ergonomics: the keyboard must be comfortable and the keys well spaced, so as to avoid pressing one key for another during the game.
  • Response time: important for games that require you to press multiple keys at the same time. It must be as low as possible (under 4ms).
  • Additional keys: The keyboard that provides additional keys for the game offers a definite advantage, especially if they can be programmed with macros.
  • Switch type: when choosing a mechanical keyboard it is also important to choose the type of mechanism that allows the operation of the keys (precisely the switches). Each type of switch has a different level of accuracy, as is the pressure required to activate them (which can affect noise and accuracy). The best switches for playing are the Cherry MX Red (widely used), but many elite players prefer to play with harder switches (Cherry MX Black or Cherry MX Clear) to improve touch sensitivity when pressing keys simultaneously. To play big, let's choose a model that has Cherry MX Red to obtain an excellent compromise between noise and precision in pressure.
  • Software and Macros: Many gaming keyboards offer the ability to configure additional keys via PC software, so you can press certain key combinations or activate shortcuts in the game simply by pressing an additional key.
  • Backlight: a good gaming keyboard should also offer key backlighting, so you can see them even in the dark. However, many gaming professionals hate this feature, so make sure you only aim for models with a deactivable backlight.
  • Connection type: the best gaming keyboards are the ones that don't make you lose a game because of low batteries! Better to always focus on keyboards with USB cable when we play. If we want to keep order on your desk and give up the cable to focus on wireless, let's make sure that the keyboard offers charging at the base, so that we can avoid rechargeable batteries.

Let's remember that A comfortable keyboard for typing isn't always suitable for gaming, and viceversa. Buying a gaming keyboard should therefore primarily accompany a gaming PC, with the ability to write from time to time without problems. A comfortable keyboard for typing could become impossible to use during games, so let's choose which model to choose.

Buying Guide

After seeing some of the features that a gaming keyboard must possess, here are some of the best models we can find on amazon, to be chosen because of the advantageous return policies, so as to be able to test even more than one keyboard and return those that do not convince us.

An affordable and affordable gaming keyboard is there Logitech G413, available on Amazon for less than 70 €.
Logitech G413
This keyboard features RomerG Tactile mechanical switches (similar to Cherry MX Red), RGB LED backlighting, aluminum alloy frame, custom functions, multimedia controls, Italian QWERTY layout and additional USB cable (for faster data transmission).

If we want a quality mechanical keyboard at all costs without spending a fortune we can take a look at the DREVO Calibur V2, available on Amazon for less than 70 €.
DREVO Calibur V2
On this keyboard we find Cherry MX Rossi Switch, 72-key Italian layout, software customizable RGB backlighting, PC / MAC Dual Mode (swap between PC and MAC easily by pressing FN + TAB), Anti-ghosting, N-Key Rollover, multimedia control and macro support.

The first high-end mechanical gaming keyboard is without a doubt the MSI Vigor GK60, available on Amazon for less than 90 €.
MSI Vigor GK60
This gaming keyboard boasts Cherry MX Red Mystic Light switches, aluminum body, headphone grommet, metal keycaps, customizable backlight, non-slip base, antighosting, 0 lag mode and software macro programming.

Another high-end keyboard that you can try is the Asus ROG Strix Scope, available on Amazon for less than 160 €.
Asus ROG Strix
On this keyboard we find Cherry MX RED Switch, Xccurate Ctrl key twice as wide, Aura Sync RGB LED technology for unlimited backlight customization options and advanced Macro management through dedicated software.

The top of the range keyboard we can focus on is the Corsair Strafe RGB, available on Amazon for less than 180 €.
Corsair Strafe
On it we can find the Cherry MX Red switches, Multicolor RGB backlighting, fully software programmable, USB pass-through port to connect another peripheral, 100% anti-ghosting and full rollover on all 104 keys.


On mechanical keyboards we have a lot of choice, both if we are beginners and want a mechanical gaming keyboard complete with every functionality at the right price and if we are particularly demanding and want to play at higher levels we can take a great advantage over the opponents. Prices tend to be much higher than traditional keyboards, but the result is guaranteed!

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