Garmin Edge Explore 2: official the new cycle computer, improved and compatible with e-bikes

Also attentive to the world of electric bikes, Garmin’s new Edge Explore 2 cycle computer features several improvements, including an increase in autonomy of 4 hours compared to its predecessor.
Garmin Edge Explore 2: official the new cycle computer, improved and compatible with e-bikes

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After having amazed with the exclusive Edge 1040 model, the American brand Garmin has decided to broaden the audience of users of its cycle computers through a new model, the Garmin Edge Explore 2, more accessible, also available in a version with Edge Power Mount support ( already in the kit, or sold separately) which allows you to recharge the cycle computer while pedaling.

The new Garmin Edge Explore 2, waterproof according to IPX7 grade, has a resolute 3-inch screen in 240 x 400 pixels, well readable in bright sunlight, usable with ease even with gloved hands or in the rain, on which you can place widgets, apps, data fields of various kinds downloaded from the Connect IQ store: its 16 GB of integrated storage allow it to host 200 hours of history, 100 routes, 200 locations.

In terms of sensors, in addition to the accelerometer, the presence now of a barometric altimeter allows you to take advantage of the CrimbPro function (consult graphically and with numbers the slopes to be tackled, the number of expected climbs, the instantaneous vertical speed in meters / h) and to monitor the VO2max thanks to the synchronization of the values ​​via Physio TrueUp (obtained with a recent update of the Garmin Connect app). GPS remained and now supports Glonass and Galileo as positioning networks.

The new Garmin Edge Explore 2 cycle computer is compatible with e-bikes and thus offers access to data such as assistance level, battery status, remaining charge, and remaining range estimate. Compared to the first model, the battery of the Garmin Edge Explore 2 now ensures a more extended operation, equal to 24 hours in energy saving, or 16 hours of intense use (vs previous 12).

On the subject of sports features, there are preloaded high-contrast maps, with road, off-road and indoor profiles, which help to find points of interest and avoid roads and routes that are too popular or busy: there are always turn-by directions -turn with warnings in the event of dangerous curves and the possibility of suspending off-route alerts to explore the surroundings.

In terms of safety, compatibility with InReach satellite systems is foreseen, GroupTrack group messaging for when the pedaling companions are no longer in sight, the emergency message with coordinates sent to predefined contacts in the event of an accident, and the support for Varia devices (e.g. RCT715 radar with signal light). If you stop, the alarm will sound in the event the bike moves or is moved.

To stay connected with the world, the Live Event Sharing function allows you to interface with family and friends at home, while message and call notifications will arrive on the cycle computer: in the case of association with Android devices, you can reply with predefined messages. In terms of prices, the Garmin Edge Explore 2 costs 299.99 euros which rise to 399.99 with the support powered (which, alone, costs 129.99 euros).


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