Gboard for Android will be able to scan text: here is the Scan Text tool

Google has thought of a tool to make it even more immediate scan a textwithout going through Lens. The news concerns Gboard per Android: the keyboard will soon welcome a OCR based tool (Optical Character Recognition) which will be able to recognize a text and allow the user to interact with it (copy/paste, for example).

Meet Scan Text, Gboard’s new OCR tool for Android

The function is called Scan Textand – as the name easily suggests – is capable of scan framed text with the camera. In this regard, it is absolutely necessary that the user provides the consent to its use. In fact, if authorization is denied, it will not be possible to take any photos.

According to those who have tried it with the Gboard beta 13.6 for Android, the whole operation would be quite quick. Faster for sure Google Lenswe read in the first comments shared on the web.

Gboard per Android - Scan Text

The shortcut to Scan Text can be added in Big G’s keyboard top, as well as others regarding other tools well known to users. To start scanning a text, as already mentioned, that’s enough take a photo framing a word, a sentence or an entire sentence.

The photo taken is displayed at the bottom of the screen and is “analyzed” by the new Google tool. The recognized text can then be selected, copied and pasted into other applications. It is important to point out that images are not saved in memory or on the servers of the Mountain View tech company.

As anticipated, the Scan Text feature is currently available only in the beta channel. All that remains is to wait a few days (?) for it to be made available globally for all users.


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