Gboard, new function helps those who write horizontally on Android

Gboard, new function helps those who write horizontally on Android

The big news that Google is implementing for its applications are there for all to see and apparently it doesn’t intend to stop. There are many users who usually type on their smartphone using the device in landscape mode. This allows you to take advantage of larger keys, but there will be a disadvantage: the keyboard will cover a large part of the screen. In this regard, in the last few hours there has been insistent talk about Gboard.

According to what is reported in the latest beta version, the 13.6, of the famous Google keyboard, a new feature would have been released. This would guarantee the resolution of the problem, allowing you to have a layout mobile that you can move across the screen. All you need to do is move your smartphone to portrait mode to return the keyboard to its original position.

Gboard will allow more advantages for those who type with their smartphone horizontally

Gboard horizontal landscape mode adjustable keyboard Android update

At the moment the new functionality seems to be in the pipeline for all beta testers registered in the program. Obviously everything only concerns the Android operating system at least for the first time.

Gboard will allow you to enjoy during the landscape mode (smartphone horizontally) in floating version. This will allow users to be able to drag it anywhere on the screen, adjusting its size via the four corners.

Once the smartphone has been rotated horizontally, the famous keyboard has always positioned itself, occupying the entire screen. Now, however, everything is about to change, allowing everyone to customize this aspect too.

Currently the news is only available for those running Gboard in beta mode, more precisely in the version and subsequent. The release for all Android users should still be imminent according to the latest rumors.

The ones who will benefit most from this innovation will undoubtedly be the users who usually type a lot, perhaps for work. The goal is to make everything even more customizable.

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