Gboard, you can set default skin color and gender for emoji

The will of Google to improve its entire ecosystem of applications and solutions dedicated to the mobile world has been clear for several months now. Several updates have arrived which have strengthened the already many features available for each platform. The keyboard could not escape this phase Gboardover the years it has become a real point of reference for Android users in general.

This offers various possibilities within it, especially regarding the personalization of your writing style. During the last few hours, very interesting news would have arrived on the plan emoji.

According to reports, Android users will now have the ability to set how default for emoticons, their skin colour. This will therefore imply the convenience of not having to select it every time by holding down a certain emoji to make all the shades pop out.

Gboard, the default skin color setting is coming to everyone, but not only that

Users who love the Google keyboard will be able to benefit from the news soon, they just need to wait a little. At the moment only a small circle of users have had access to the Gboard update, but it won’t be too long before the worldwide release.

In addition to the ability to set default your own skin color, Android users will also be able to set their own type sexual. To proceed with the basic setup, you simply need to press and hold on an emoji and set your skin color. In this way this choice will be extended to all the smileys that imply a difference in this sense.

By selecting and changing the color of, for example, flexed biceps emoticons, this change will be adapted to all emojis that contain a hand or fingers. The same thing applies to the emoticons in the “people” category: here, in addition to the skin tone, you can also select the gender.


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