Recently came the news from Gearbox Entertainment of the acquisition of the development team Lost Boys Interactive, regarding the realization of the spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
Gearbox acquisterà lo studio Lost Boys Interactive

It is no secret that Gearbox Software is one of the best structured companies in the video game sector and, in fact, the news from the official representatives of the company, based in Plano, Texas, of the acquisition of the company arrives like a bolt from the blue. Lost Boys Interactive development team came to the fore in the market with the acclaimed Tiny Tina’s Wonderland which is a spin-off of the Borderlands series.

At the moment we are not allowed to know the amount of the acquisition, and we will monitor the network for further information relating to the story: we recall that the Lost Boys development team was founded in 2017 in Madison in Winsconsin. In addition to the aforementioned Tiny Tinas’s Wonderland, the American developers have contributed to the development of several chapters of the Call of Duty series and to PlayerUnknow’s Battlegounds, as an external team.

The studio will become a subsidiary of Gearbox Entertainment, operating independently in the development of new titles under the control of Gearbox that will allow this talented team to be known around the world. Lost Boys currently has 220 employees, which will add up to approximately 1,300 Gearbox employees. There are currently plans to increase staff to 350 by 2024.

CEO Shaun Nives reported the words expressed by Gearbox Software president Steve Jones: “We founded Lost Boys with the dream of working on products that would be loved and recognized globally,” he commented and continued: ” We are incredibly excited to join Gearbox and continue to do what we do best: create amazing games that entertain and inspire others. ”

Juno Capital Partners worked as M&A and strategic consultant for Gearbox, EY instead is the financial and tax consultant of the company, while Fenwick & West is present as legal consultant: in short, the American company is laying the foundations to become a giant of the sector.


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