GeForce Experience Along with the video card drivers NVIDIA also provides the program GeForce Experiencedesigned to find the best configuration and optimize your computer when playing video games.

This is an important program for all those who have an NVIDIA GeForce video card inside the PC (if in doubt, to verify it, press the right button on the Start menu, open Device management and expand the section Video cards), not just for optimize graphics performancebut also why allows you to download the latest driver to make the video card work at its best.

We see how to install GeForce Experience on our computer and how to use it on PC, so as to make the gaming experience as close as possible to that obtainable with consoles (where you just have to start the game and play without changing any settings).

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How to install NVIDIA GeForce Experience

To install GeForce Experience on our gaming computer, all we have to do is open the official page of the toolpress the key Download now and wait for the download to finish.
Download GeForce Experience At the end of the download we open the installer and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Even if it is not strictly necessary, we restart the PC, so as to be able to check if, at the next start, the tool GeForce Experience is active in memory: this app is one of the few that should be set in auto start to work well and to carry out the optimization options on gaming PCs.

How to set up a game on GeForce Experience

With this program it was born for automatically get the optimal settings for each game, also based on the hardware made available. After opening the app we will have a list of games installed and recognized by the GeForce Experience, ready to be optimized.

To optimize a game, all we have to do is click on the game tab in GeForce Experience and press the green button Optimize.
Game optimized After applying the changes we open the game (directly in GeForce Experience, from the desktop icon or from the Start menu) to benefit from the optimizations, able (in most cases) to significantly increase the refresh rate of the frames , so from always get a smooth game.

If a particular game is not in the GeForce Experience list, press the gear icon at the top right, open the menu Games and press on Scan now to scan for new games; if this is not enough, press down on add and manually add the game path to be optimized.

To automatically optimize new games added to GeForce Experience or installed on your PC, just bring us to the screen Games view a while ago and activate the check mark on Automatically optimize new games added.

How to update drivers with GeForce Experience

Another highly appreciated feature of GeForce Experience is the automatic updating of NVIDIA drivers, so you don’t have to open the site every time to check the version in use and the version to download.

With the program in auto start we will be notified of the arrival of new video drivers and just click on it to start the download and installation of the new driver.
GeForce Experience This allows you to always have updated video driversessential to always have the best gaming experience on the gaming computer.

Other GeForce Experience Features

In addition to automatic game optimization and video driver management, GeForce Experience offers other interesting features designed for gaming:

  • Taking game screenshots: just press on the keyboard Alt + F1 to save the screenshots in the folder GeForce Experience (present inside the folder Images);
  • Streaming sharing of live video: pressing Alt + Z on the keyboard will open the sharing screen of videos shot with GeForce Experience, so you can quickly share them on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube;
  • Show the FPS of the game: For advanced users, you can enable screen overlay (from GeForce Experience Settings) and enable the frames per second (FPS) counter.

These functions are very useful for professional gamers or for those who create content on streaming platforms but not essential in the home environment such as those seen in the first chapters of the guide.


Even if it is possible download the video card driver on their own, those with an NVIDIA video card would do well to install GeForce Experience or update the program (if it is already installed), so that they can get games optimized to perfectionwhich run smoothly even on older video cards.

GeForce Experience is also great for taking screenshots and screencasts while gamingbroadcast what we do live and show the FPS during the game, so as to satisfy even the advanced users who want to keep everything under control with a single application.

To learn more we can also read our guides to solutions video driver errors if it has stopped responding in Windows come on how to restart the graphics driver of the video card.


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