Gemini for Android will allow you to upload all files, not just images

Gemini for Android will allow you to upload all files, not just images

The arrival of the new linguistic model of artificial intelligence Gemini changed the cards on the table. ChatGPT’s dominance has been dented by a more than valid competitor who has replaced the never-so-loved Bard.

When the Gemini app officially arrived, the improvements continued to simmer. Google has never stopped working in order to make AI better and better and as capable as possible of satisfying requests.

Recently, for example, it turned out that the app could soon be updated with the possibility of providing the “Real-time responses” option, but it doesn’t end there. According to what is reported by the most reliable sources, the next improvement of Gemini will concern the possibility of also upload files other than simple images.

Gemini is about to update: users will be able to upload files of all types

Upload Gemini documents Android App Update image 1

Identified by very authoritative sources, the new update regarding Gemini could be more interesting than expected. In fact, it seems that Google is preparing the app dedicated to Android to soon receive a new feature. According to what we learn, users may soon have the ability to also upload i documents in Gemini. The functionality in question was present within the codes of the Android app.

As the sequential images above show, you can choose to enable the uploading of files other than simple images. Unfortunately, at least for the moment, the feature does not work even if it is already possible to enable it. To hearten the most anxious is the fact that it is already available; this suggests that there is not much left until actual implementation.

Experts believe that the functionality reserved for Gemini could be reserved at least initially for Google Workspace o magari a Gemini Advanced. Now it’s just a matter of time: soon we will have much clearer and more precise information, perhaps with a release date.

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