Gemini Nano: The compact AI model soon to be integrated into Chrome

Gemini Nano: The compact AI model soon to be integrated into Chrome

It certainly cannot be said that the conference Google I/O 2024 betrayed expectations. The list of announcements made by the Mountain View giant is decidedly long, with updates mainly concerning artificial intelligence and the way in which this will change products and services such as Search, Android and so on. An important novelty concerns the browser Chromewhich starting from version 126 will integrate the model Gemini Nano.

Gemini Nano, as the name also suggests, is the more compact AI model among those offered by Google and its integration into Chrome will result in new possibilities for developers to power its AI-related features. The model will also be used by the Mountain View company itself, more precisely to enhance tools such as “Help me write”. This, presented in February 2024, is designed to help users draft emails, reviews and more, and – thanks to the LLM – will become faster and more efficient in the analysis and content generation process.

In addition to the aforementioned, developers will be able to exploit Gemini Nano to enhance relevant features the translation, transcription and creation of subtitles. In short, the way in which users interact with web content in languages ​​other than their own could soon change.

Gemini Nano also in third-party browsers and in the Chrome DevTools Console

Gemini Nano’s “superpowers” may soon be available on browsers other than Chrome, since Google is already actively working with other browser vendors to enable these and other features. In this regard, despite the opening of Big G, the last word will be up to the “competitors”, who could opt for more versatile solutions (therefore more models) rather than relying solely on Gemini Nano.

Finally, the tech giant announced that Gemini Nano will also be integrated into Chrome DevTools Console. The AI ​​model will be able to provide explanations and debugging suggestions in case of errors, even with code written by others.

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