Gemini news: here is “conversation mode” and support for older smartphones

Gemini news: here

If to date the app of Gemini it was only available for smartphones with Android 12 or later, the situation may change dramatically soon.

According to what was stated by the well-known insider @AssembleDebugthe requirements necessary to use the AI ​​tool provided by Google they will soon be lowered. Specifically, the new operating system requirement will be Android 10.

The two operating systems were launched three years apart from each other (the first in 2019 and the second in 2021). This, translated into simple words, means that all smartphones released in the three-year period will be able to use the Gemini app.

Despite this, it should still be remembered that some constraints remain on the hardware side. As reported on the support page, a smartphone still requires at least 4 GB in RAM to work with AI.

The new way of conversation: here’s what it could be

The tireless @AssembleDebug, however, also made another rather interesting discovery. As also mentioned by the site PiunikaWebthe Gemini Android app could be enriched with an interesting conversation mode.

This is a portion of code found within the app and which has not yet been activated or tested in any way. According to experts, it could correspond to the continuous conversation option, already available with theGoogle Assistant.

In fact, this would allow the user to continue chatting without having to manually activate listening mode every time. According to what was hypothesized by the site TechRadarhowever, it could also be something different, somehow connected to any live translations.

For these potential implementations, more or less confirmed, of Android 15 there is also a new mode wireless charging. On the other hand, when it comes to the new operating system, there is not only good news: Google has confirmed that some of the apps currently in circulation could have compatibility problems with the new OS.

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