Gemini: Plan for schools will have greater privacy protection

Gemini: Plan for schools will have greater privacy protection

Time ago Google has announced its intention to offer, through a special formula known as Workspace for Educationaccess to your own Artificial Intelligence model Gemini to educational institutions.

The school plan, from what has emerged, will be designed for teachers and adult students, promising not to use user data to train others AI models. In addition to this clarification, however, Google went more specifically, clarifying how the tool will offer further guarantees on the privacy side.

The Workspace for Education subscription will actually launch next 23 maggio and will offer two distinct packages.

One will be called Gemini Education and will be characterized by a low cost, but also by monthly usage limits. The second solution, that is Education Premiumwill offer full access to the tools provided by AI, with the possibility of create notes e get summaries con Google Meet.

Gemini Workspace for Education: Greater privacy comes at a price in terms of results delivered

On a practical level, how much and how could a greater level of privacy affect the tool we are talking about?

The additional protections for Workspace for Education force Google to rely on Gemini 1.0 Proless updated than newer versions like Gemini 1.5 Pro o Flash. Despite this, the quality of the answers provided should be sufficient for most study contexts.

The integration of this plan demonstrates, once again, how AI and school can be anything but a risky combination. Despite some statistics that reveal how many students abuse this technology to “copy” at school, developers (from Google and beyond) are working for a more in-depth integration with the school system.

Not only that: also the teachers they are discovering AI models as useful for making their work smoother. In fact, the number of teachers who use this technology to correct students’ homework is constantly growing.

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