Gemini, privacy concern: Google saves conversations for years

Gemini, privacy concern: Google saves conversations for years

Google is now carving out an important role for itself in the context ofArtificial intelligence.

With the very recent “transformation” of Bard in Geminithe Mountain View giant has further captured the attention of the general public, even if some disturbing shadows are starting to appear on the platform.

According to Google’s official documents, which explain how its Gemini chatbot apps collect user data, a less than appreciable privacy reality has emerged.

The “human” personnel operating on Gemini work reading, cataloguing ed working out conversations between users and Gemini on a regular basis. This also happens for interactions between users and AI unrelated to account Google. All of this isn’t the only potential concern users should have before interacting with Google’s new tool.

Gemini potentially devastating for privacy: but there are “loopholes” to limit the risks

According to what emerged from the documentation, conversations between the user and the AI ​​occur stored for up to three yearscomplete with personal “related data” such as lingua, devices used and even user location.

A disturbing scenario which however can be mitigated by the user. The same, in fact, has a certain control over the quantity and type of data that Gemini can store.

An example in this sense? Disabling Gemini app activity in the dashboard My Google Activitiesenabled by default, prevents future conversations with the AI ​​from being saved to a Google Account for review (which means the data won’t be retained for the aforementioned three years).

Individual suggestions and conversations with Gemini can then be deleted from the screen Gemini app activity. According to Google, in this case, the data will still be retained but only for 72 ore. According to the company, this period of time is still useful for the purpose of “Mmaintain the safety and security of Gemini apps and improve Gemini apps“.

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