Gemini: stop electoral-themed answers for the whole of 2024

Gemini: stop electoral-themed answers for the whole of 2024

Google Geminias well as many other tools related toArtificial intelligencedistances itself from political issues.

According to Reuters, Google has imposed a block on the chatbot which will prevent, in conjunction with the American elections and similar events in 2024, from providing political responses.

In reality, the Mountain View company had already demonstrated similar intentions in the past, when the chatbot was still called Bard. Last December, in fact, Google confirmed how the query relating to the elections would have provided vague answers. Further controversies over Gemini’s work have therefore pushed the company to make this decision, valid for a year which at all latitudes presents itself as rich in elections.

In case of specific questions, therefore, Gemini tends to state that it is not able to provide an answer, inviting the user to rely on the search engine.

Google Gemini directs those who ask electoral or political questions towards the search engine

Beyond the ethical question, Google wants to avoid a case similar to that relating to Gemini and the generation of images of human beings. In that case, the AI ​​appeared to make very questionable decisions, going as far as refusing to serve content depicting white people and sparking a wave of outrage among users.

The CEO of Google himself, Sundar Pichaihe had defined Gemini’s responses as “Completely unacceptable” so much so as to lead to a block regarding this type of graphic work.

On the other hand, misinformation during the election period also seems to be a big concern for other industry giants such as OpenAI. In this case, the company led by Sam Altman proposed a series of strategies.

What worries OpenAI (and not only) is above all the phenomenon known as Deepfake which, in recent months, has literally invaded the internet both with innocent video processing and with misleading and potentially very harmful content.

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