From Google Chrome it is possible to generate the QR code for each web page on both Android and PC. You can then scan the QR without external apps

Even though QR codes are everywhere and have almost infinite uses for sharing website URLs, Wi-Fi passwords, business cards, for authenticating to a site or app, for paying, and much more, not everyone knows how to generate them and, especially how to scan them via the smartphone.

While there are tons of apps that allow you to scan a QR code via your phone’s camera, it has been found that some of them, with standard names like “Barcode Scanner“, are malware that steals data. While there are absolutely good apps, to avoid unnecessary risks, it is important to know that you can scan and read a QR code in an extremely simple way, without using an app strange, but relying on the most common ones that, probably, are already present on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Furthermore, it is possible to Easily create QR codes for a website and for any web page making┬áit easy to share from a PC to your smartphone without using send functions, but simply by pointing the phone’s camera at the computer monitor.

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Generate QR Code for a website with Chrome

From both PC and Android smartphones it is easy to create the QR code for each web page that opens using a hidden Chrome function that must be activated.

Your PC, To activate the URL sharing function via QR code, the experimental function must be activated. To do this, open a new Chrome tab with the address:


Once the call option is activated Enable sharing page via QR Code, you are prompted to restart the browser.

From now on, by opening a new web page on Chrome for Windows PC or Mac or Linux, just click on an empty space of the same with the right button to find, in the options menu, the one that “Create QR code for this page“. A QR Code can then be obtained which, if scanned with the phone, will lead to the opening of the link from which it was generated.

The one above is the QR code of this site which links to

In Chrome per Android, on the other hand, you can generate the QR Code of a site by pressing the button of the three dots at the top right, going up Share, and then on QR code.

Scan the QR Code with the Android smartphone

To scan a QR code using the Samsung, Xiaomi, Oneplus, or other Android smartphones, without applications, all you have to do is open l’app Google already installed. Then search for Google in the application list and notice that in the search field at the top there is a square button which is the Google Lens icon. Touch the Lens icon to open the camera with scanner function and frame the square of the QR code to find the website address hidden inside and open it directly in the Google app.

The lens is accessible also from Google Photos, so if you have taken a photo of a code from the standard mobile phone camera to a QR code, you can then identify it from Google Photos.

There are also other popular apps for scanning QR codes from an Android smartphone including:

Firefox browser, which brings up the scan button when you tap the address bar to type.

The Samsung browser has the QR scanner function built into Settings> Useful Features.

The the site, if opened from a PC or mobile phone, allows you to scan QR codes from the webcam or camera, without installing anything.

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