Do we want to take ChatGPT everywhere? Let’s see how to integrate the Merlin extension and how to generate texts and images for each site

Merlin ChatGPT

ChatGPT has forever changed the way we search for information on the Internet, becoming increasingly present when we use the PC to work, study or use programs dedicated to software development.

Per Make the most of ChatGPT on any site that we visit we can use theMerlin extensiondesigned to generate automatic content with artificial intelligence on the most common sites, such as emails, images, YouTube summaries, texts for Facebook, Twitter and any other compatible site.

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1) Install Merlin on Google Chrome

Merlin is currently available as extension for Google Chrome and can be added easily by simply opening the site with Chrome and pressing on add.

After adding the extension to the browser, press on the puzzle-shaped icon at the top right, click on the Merlin icon and press on Sign in to log in. To access we can immediately create n accounts with email and password or speed up the process by pressing on Continue with Googleusing your Google account credentials for quick access to the service.

Once you log in to the extension, it will become active and will appear on compatible sites as a dedicated window or as a button to press (depending on the function available for the site or page we have opened).

2) AI page on search engines

The first function we immediately notice about Merlin it is available by starting any search on search engines. In fact, by starting a search we will see a small window appear on the right side, based on the keyword or keywords we used.

This way you can quickly access information from Wikipedia, information about famous people or anything you search for in the search bar; to learn more we can also read our guide on extensions to improve Google search using Chrome.

3) Summary of the web page

By pressing the button Summarize next to each web page we can get a summary of the text present, so we can read it faster without having to scroll through multiple pages or move the mouse too much.

This function is very useful for those who often use Wikipedia or work on online documents or sites which present very long parts of text, thus obtaining a quick and effective summary of everything written.

4) Inbox quick replies

Merlin will also add buttons as we open the window to reply to a person or to create a new email on practically any email service equipped with webmail.

These keys allow you to get a quick responsea detailed response, an in-depth response, an approving response, a disapproving response, and an apologetic response.

The content of the automatic replies will be based on the messages we have already sent to this person, so it will become much more effective if used for replies with at least 2 or 3 messages already present.

5) Summary of the videos

Merlin is capable of summarize an entire video or an entire film in a few lines present on a site or streamed on any platform.

As seen for web pages, all we have to do is press the button Summarize to obtain one or more summaries, thus avoiding having to necessarily watch the whole video.

6) Automatic social messages

Exactly as seen for Gmail Merlin can help create new posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInautomatically adding the right hashtags, providing us with ready-to-use messages based on our desires and embellishing the message to make it more captivating.

The best results are obtained if we already write a test message or an initial message and only then we use Merlin to make it perfect or to copy the writing style of famous people or web or social media stars.


Merlin is a great way to integrate ChatGPT everywhere, without having to leave a browser window dedicated to AI. With it we can immediately exploit the power of artificial intelligence to obtain quick responses to emails, provide apologies, write new messages on social media, obtain summaries of newspaper pages, sites or videos that we view in streaming.

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