The new Microsoft Designer uses artificial intelligence to quickly create any type of image, banner, advertisement or cover

Microsoft Designer con IA

Microsoft is focusing firmly on artificial intelligence, slowly integrating it into all its products. One of the latest products to exploit the Redmond company’s AI is Microsoft Designera complete graphic design site capable of compete with industry giants such as Canva and Adobe Express.

In the following guide we will show you how to generate AI images with Microsoft Designerconverting our text into an image to be used for advertising purposes, to create flyers, banners and interfaces for sites, to create an invitation or create an image to subsequently publish on social media.

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1) What is Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a graphic design site designed to create graphic projects quickly and easily, whatever our level of experience: whether a beginner or a professional designer can use Designer to create eye-catching designs for social media and to create images for to companies, startups or to share personally.

Microsoft Designer can be used for free in preview modeaccessible to all users who have a Microsoft account or an Outlook account.

To create projects and images starting from text, the site relies on OpenAI’s DALL-E2 intelligence (the same company that manages ChatGPT), so you can create realistic photos and artwork based on the description provided.

In addition to creating images from scratch we can use our own images, one of the templates on the site or create a design from scratch with different editing tools.

2) Generate an AI graphic project starting from text

AI Designer Images

To create images using Microsoft Designer, all we have to do is open the site indicated in the previous chapter, log in with a Microsoft account and, in the window that opens, press on Generate Image and enter the command on what we want to create in the new text field.

After creating the images with artificial intelligence, we select the one to use for our project: Microsoft Designer will automatically base the entire style of the project on the created image, adapting the colors, shapes, lines and text areas to the type of image obtained.

On the right side of the site, the styles and templates generated by Designer will appear in a few seconds; to modify one, simply press on it, click on Customize Design and use the image editor provided by the site to apply all the necessary changes to make the advertising campaign unique.

The editor allows you to add new themes, upload your own images, add text, use eye-catching graphic effects and create your own brand styleobtaining a unique font and color tone (and never used by other companies).

If we don’t like the design used so far we can always open the section Ideas and choose another theme or template from those suggested, always using the images we have uploaded or generated with AI: changing your mind about a project (without having to start all over again) has never been so simple!

In this preview phase the site only works in English (it will certainly also be released in Italian in the future); if we have problems with the language we can always create our own prompt in English using Google translator.

3) Better prompts to use with Microsoft Designer

New Designer

If we don’t know how to start a new AI project on Designer, we have collected some ideas to use when we type the command in the text field provided by the site, so that we can start creating the desired image.

  • Facebook advertising campaign for…
  • Classic advertising image….
  • New website cover….
  • New cover for post….
  • Background for social….
  • Image for site….

These are just some of the prompts that we can use to create a themed AI image from scratch and create a new professional design project around it, without having to go crazy with a thousand templates and without having to use stock images taken from the Internet.

As already written, we use the example prompts within an online translator, so as to have a good English translation of what we are trying to obtain from Microsoft Designer.

4) How to download the images and projects created

Download PNG Designer

After making all the necessary changes we can download the image or project created on Designer by pressing the button Download top right. We will see a small pop-up window appear where we can choose the image format (we recommend using PNG), choose whether to remove the watermark and press the button Download to download it into the memory of our device.

Alternatively we can copy the image to the clipboard (Copy ad image), send the project to your phone or use artificial intelligence to add hashtags and useful information to share the project on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Microsoft Designer can become a very useful tool for all people who often use graphic projects to launch advertising campaigns, create banners for sites, create landing pages for projects and data collection and much more.

Its use is really very simple even for a beginner potential is endless, especially if you know precisely what to ask the artificial intelligence integrated into the site. If we want to transform Microsoft Designer into an app for the PC we can read our article on how to turn any site into desktop app with Chrome.

Still on the subject of graphic projects we can read our guides to free alternative sites to Canva for graphic projects and design come on how to create online posters with images and writings also to print.


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