Generate images from text with Paint on Windows 11

Do we want to generate images with artificial intelligence? We can now do it on our PC with Paint, the drawing app already included in Windows 11

IA Paint Generator

Paint has been present for years as the default drawing app for Windows and many users, once they have learned how to draw with it, relegate it to the apps to be used rarely, perhaps just to modify a few screens on the fly.

From today the music could change and Paint could become one of the main apps on the taskbar, given that it now integrates an image generator based on artificial intelligence (to be precise, the image generator created by GIVE HER).

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1) Prerequisites

To generate the image from a written text we will first of all have to make sure that we have installed the latest version of Paint integrated into it Windows 23H2, the November 2023 update, otherwise we will not be able to access the function. To be sure of being able to generate AI images with the tool integrated into Windows, we recommend reading our guide on how to activate Windows 11 Insider Build to get the latest features sooner.

After getting the latest version of Windows 11 we open the page Microsoft Storewe update it or install the app (if we had uninstalled it previously) and use the next chapter of the guide to understand how to generate images from text directly within Paint.

2) Generate images from text with Paint

To generate images with artificial intelligence we open the Start menu or press the WINDOWS logo key on the keyboard, search for the app Paint and let’s open it.

As soon as the app opens, press the icon at the top Cocreatorin order to show the sidebar with all the information on how the image was generated.

In the text box that we will see appear in the sidebar we insert the text message of the image to be generated, choose a style from those proposed and press on at the bottom Crea o Create.

At the time of writing the system works only in English (support for the Italian language will be added in the future). If we have difficulty creating an effective sentence to generate an image from text, we suggest you also read the next chapter of the guide, to find out how to make the most of this new image generation tool via artificial intelligence.

To save the images generated with Paint all we have to do is press on the icon with the three dots in the top right corner of the generated image and click on Save image. Obviously nothing prevents us from dragging or opening the image in the Paint sheet, modifying it with its tools and saving it later by pressing File at the top right and selecting Save with name.

3) Use Paint’s image generator

Paint’s image generator is based on GIVE HER, so its operation is similar to the prompt seen on the OpenAI project website. To obtain the best results it is advisable to explain carefully what we want to include in the image: the more details we include in the visual description of the image, the greater the realism of the generated image.

Since for the moment only the English language is supported, the advice is to open Google translator and use prompts similar to those shown below:

  • a monkey wearing a suit scratching its head while using a laptop in an office
  • a man wearing a suit scratching its head while reading a book in the bed
  • a boy plays video games in his bedroom with the lights off, a window with the moon visible

Ironically we can also get help from ChatGPT to generate a suitable prompt for Paint’s image generator. We open ChatGPT on our device and ask it to generate an image using the reference phrase:

Create a small prompt (5-10 words) to generate an abstract image with a “boy” theme and fun and creative details, in English.

To learn more we can read our guides on come accedere a ChatGPT da smartphone Android o iPhone come on how to install the ChatGPT app on PC.

4) Limitations of Paint with AI

The most attentive will have noticed that, next to the button Crea, we find a counter with credits; as explained by Microsoft:

Credits are the currency used to generate images with Cocreator. Each time you generate an image, you spend a credit. You can see how many credits you have on the left in the bottom right corner of the Cocreator panel. You will receive 50 credits to create images when you join Cocreator

Once the credits are exhausted the system stops working; this system was probably created to avoid intense use of the service, which would certainly have slowed down the image generation servers, taking into account all Windows 11 installations where it is possible to use the new Paint with artificial intelligence.


Paint now it becomes a very valid tool for generate images from text without having to open any site, using a prompt that is ready to use and fun to use. It’s a shame that the service is still in the testing phase (like the version that accompanies it) and above all that it has strong limitations in terms of use, given that after consuming the 50 credits it will not be possible to use it.

If we want to discover other sites for generating images from text we recommend you read our articles on how to use Midjourney, AI generator of art and images from text and on best alternatives to ChatGPT that work in Italian.

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