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Generative AI will soon land on iPhone and iPad

With the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, thegenerative artificial intelligence has risen to prominence. And soon from the offerings of giants like Microsoft and Google who presented their versions of conversational chatbots, companies of all sizes jumped into the arena by training language models that could perform the most disparate tasks.

At this juncture, not even Apple is willing to stand by and watch and although behind schedule, it seems to be showing interest in this technology. One clue above all is the presence of mentions of AI in job adverts published on the website in recent months.

Rumors suggest a plan to implement ChatGPT-style generative AI on iPhone and iPadpotentially already at the end of 2024. A development that is destined to redefine the way in which users interact with the Cupertino giant’s mobile devices.

Something similar to ChatGPT is coming to iOS and iPadOS 18

The analyst Jeff Pu claims that Apple is preparing to introduce generative AI features into its products, with a tentative timeline set for the end of 2024. These features they could debut with iOS 18 and iPadOS 18if development and testing go according to plan.

The construction of a few hundred AI serversa figure that is expected to increase significantly in 2024. Pu also reported that the company will combine thecloud-based artificial intelligence and the so-called “edge AI”, which involves increased data processing on devices. We will need to be patient though, as Apple is carefully considering how it uses and processes personal data to comply with its commitment to user privacy.

According to what was reported by The Informationthese news they could also extend to Siri with large language models that would allow users to automate complex tasks through deeper integration with the Commands app. An improvement that will likely be introduced in the next iPhone software update, potentially as part of iOS 18.

Cupertino’s approach to generative AI will impact the timing

It’s important to note that Apple’s foray into generative AI won’t be without its challenges. In August, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expressed concern that Apple is lagging behind its competitors in this field, which could potentially delay the planned launch. It is unclear whether the end-2024 timeframe is realistic. It’s possible the technology won’t be ready until 2025 and beyond.

In July, Mark Gurman at Bloomberg claimed that Apple was internally testing a “ChatGPT-like” chatbot dubbed “Apple GPT,” but said the company needed to yet to define a precise strategy for the release of AI tools to the public.

Il Apple CEO Tim Cook he was candid about the company’s approach which, as Cook suggested, wanted to act with caution, “we have done a lot of research” and “we will approach this chapter with a lot of thoughtfulness”. So Cupertino recognizes the potential pitfalls of technologyincluding issues related to prejudice and hallucinations.

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