Do we want to try the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island on our Android smartphone? Let’s see how to do it with a simple free app

Dynamic Island Android

Among the most important news of iPhone 14 Pro we certainly find theDynamic Island (also called Dynamic Island).

Dynamic Island is a special software feature that widen the classic notch at the top of the screen to show real-time information about calls, messages, music playing, weather information and more.

This feature can be integrated into all Android smartphones by downloading a simple free app from the Google Play Store.

In the following guide we will show you how get the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island notch on Androidperhaps to be combined with the other customizations available on Android to make your phone look like the iPhone 14 Pro.

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1) Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot

Dynamic Island - dynamicSpot

The app to download to get the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notch on Android is Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot. This app integrates perfectly with the upper part of the screen both if we have a notch similar to the iPhone and if we use a phone without a notch (or with the hidden notchas seen on Xiaomi phones).

To have the Dynamic Island on Android, download the indicated app, start it and try it right away by pressing on the black area that will appear next to our notch or at the top of the screen.

With the basic settings you can immediately receive call notifications, app notifications, active timers and notifications about alarm clocks; compared to the Dynamic Island of iPhone (which cannot be customized) the app allows to customize the Dynamic Island for Android according to our needs:

  • iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island notifications
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Send notification replies from the popup
  • Replacing the notification light
  • Show timer countdown
  • Full music control
  • Animated music visualizer
  • Battery charging or low alarm
  • Select notification apps

Many Pro functions are locked and require the purchase of the paid version of the app, which can be done directly within the app (as a simple in-app purchase).

The app doesn’t consume much battery since uses the built-in AccessibilityService API in the latest versions of Android. For this reason cannot be installed on all Android phonessince it needs Android 9 or higher to work properly.

If our phone has an old version of Android we recommend reading our guides on why Android doesn’t update and how to do it install LineageOS, the best Android ROM, on your mobile.

2) Other useful customization apps

Notification light for Samsung

From the same developer of the Dynamic Island app – dynamicSpot we can download other useful apps to personalize our phone and add new features.

  • Notification light for Samsung: add a notification LED circle around the Samsung notch, so you can check for notifications without having to leave the screen on all the time.
  • Notification light for Pixel: Adds a notification LED circle on all supported Pixel phones.
  • Notification Light for OnePlus: Just like the previous apps adds a notification LED circle on OnePlus phones.
  • Remap the Bixbi button: Great app to remap the Bixby key, so you can use it for any other activity, command or quick app opening.

On the same topic we can read our guide to app to improve Android, modify and customize the system.


The Dynamic Island the iPhone 14 Pro it is certainly a very suggestive feature which will soon be copied by all Android phone manufacturers; waiting for the Dynamic Island to arrive in various forms on Android as well we can very well try it on our current phone by downloading the Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot app and performing the customizations offered and obtaining a Dynamic Island in some ways even superior to the one integrated by Apple on phones.

If we want to buy a new phone we can read our ai guides best android smartphones ever for every price range come on which iPhone should you buy today.


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