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Gift cards
In the middle of holidays and gifts, instead of buying something we can do a little appreciated or wrong gift give a digital gift in the form of subscriptions, premium services or gift cards. The idea of ​​a digital gift is certainly original, it can make a good impression and can be ideal for a distant person or for a last-minute gift, when in a hurry, to recover quickly and make a nice surprise. .In the guide that follows we will show you the best cards and vouchers to give away for online services which can be made easily and easily by anyone and for anyone. These gift cards are comfortable and will certainly please technology enthusiasts and fans of TV series or other streaming content, who will no longer have to think about renewing their subscription (for the period of time we decide to give as gifts).

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1) Amazon gift cards

On the Amazon site you don’t have to buy something to be shipped, but we can too gift a gift card on Amazon in different ways. On these vouchers we can enter the desired amount, we can choose what type of voucher to buy and finally we can physically send it to the home of the person concerned or send it virtually via email.

Once the gift voucher has been delivered, they will provide instructions on how to redeem it: simply open the Add an Amazon gift voucher page, log in with the Amazon account to be recharged, enter the gift voucher code in the appropriate field and finally click on Add to my account.

The balance added via an Amazon voucher is redeemable within 10 years and can be used to purchase any product on Amazon (including books and ebooks). Unfortunately, it cannot be used to renew the Amazon Prime subscription.

We remind you that it is possible buy on Amazon with PayPal, taking advantage of a dedicated service.

2) Gift vouchers for Android phones and iPhones

Another valid gift idea are the vouchers for Google Play Store e Apple Store, which once redeemed can be used to purchase paid apps, in-app purchases but also movies, books and music.

On the iPhone we can give away music, movies and other content as seen in the guide on the Apple website. For the Google Play Store we can also find physical gift cards, which can be purchased in stores and shopping centers (electronics stores).

3) Subscriptions to useful services on PC

To a friend who makes extensive use of cloud services or Office it may be a good idea to give a premium subscription as a gift, so as to have more benefits and a complete service. For many people, purchasing a premium package on an online service is a luxury, so the gift is sure to be appreciated.

To increase the space of Google Drive we can give a subscription to Google One, while for those who use Microsoft OneDrive or want to use the original Office (without pirated copies) it may be a good idea to give the Microsoft 365 subscription, so as to increase the space of OneDrive and take advantage of Office always updated, with the addition of advanced functions (such as automatic saving via the cloud).

4) Subscription to watch movies and TV series

If our friend or relative is particularly fond of movies and TV series, it may be a good idea to give a Netflix gift card, whose codes can be combined with any Netflix account via the dedicated page.

Netflix gift cards can be purchased directly online at Startselect and GameStop. Alternatively we can purchase the Netflix gift card also in paper version in electronics stores and video game stores.

In electronics stores, you can also find gift cards from others streaming and movie rental services, so as to please any enthusiast.

5) PlayStation and Xbox subscription

Anyone who owns a PS4, PS5 or Xbox console will appreciate receiving the premium subscription, so you can download free games every month, access online multiplayer and play live streaming. The best subscriptions for game consoles are:

  • PlayStation Plus – 12 Month Subscription
  • PlayStation Now – 12 Month Subscription
  • Xbox Live Gold – 12 Mesi
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 3 Mesi

We choose the gift card according to the type of console that the person to whom we give the gift owns and that’s it! These gift cards can also be purchased live at electronics stores and GameStop stores.

6) Gift a PC video game on Steam

Steam is the most popular online store when it comes to PC video games: if our friend or relative has a PC da gaming it may be a good idea to gift them a game directly from Steam.

To buy a game and give it away, we can follow our guide on how to buy games without a credit card, where you can find the steps to give any game as a gift but also the procedure to top up your Steam account even if we don’t have a credit card.

7) discount coupon for a dinner, for a trip or for a shop

The discount voucher or coupon can be purchased and printed directly from one of the discount sites such as Groupon. These discount coupons are always highly appreciated (especially by people with little technology), they have a certain time validity and whoever receives them can spend it when they see fit.

Too many online stores like Zalando allow you to give coupons to spend on the purchase of clothing: this type of gift is always highly appreciated by the female public, therefore it is always advisable to have it at hand when we have to give a gift to a woman.


Nowadays it is impossible to run out of ideas for gift giving: with the advancement of technology we can easily give an Amazon voucher directly via email or buy gift cards for numerous online services, so as to make even the most difficult relatives or friends happy.

To learn more we can also read our guide to best 10 technological and original Christmas gifts, so as to immediately have new gift ideas for the holiday season.

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