Bluetooth glasses
The new fashion that started this summer and destined to set trends also during the rest of the year are the glasses with Bluetooth headsets, which allow you to listen to music and answer calls simply by wearing sunglasses (although on many models it is possible to change the lens and put a classic prescription lens).
If we are new to this technology and want to learn more, you have come to the right guide: here we will show you in fact what features must-have glasses with integrated audio and, as per tradition, we will show you the best models you can buy on Amazon saving and getting the full refund guarantee in case of problems or even simply in case of change of mind (aspect not to be underestimated with an aesthetic accessory such as sunglasses).

Bluetooth sunglasses: which ones to choose

In the first chapter of the guide, we will show you which features must-have sunglasses with Bluetooth audio to distinguish themselves from copies or products that pretend to be such but in reality, they are not recommended or worse they do not work.
Once we have seen the features we will find the inevitable chapter with the buying guide, with the best models available on Amazon.

Technical features

Bluetooth sunglasses must meet the following requirements to be considered as such:

  • Polarized lenses: since these are sunglasses, the lenses must obviously be polarized, in order to protect from reflecting sun rays on surfaces such as sand, sea, and snow (let’s not underestimate the danger in the mountains, where the sun reflects even more than the sea!).
  • Replaceable lenses: Even if it is a feature of the more expensive models, it is certainly a good thing to be able to replace the lenses with prescription lenses (to be obtained from your trusted optician) or with new stronger, or different colored sun lenses.
  • Sound transmission: the sound can be transmitted either through simple earphones hidden in the frame (to be inserted in the ears) or through conductors for bone transmission, which transmit sound through vibrations that reach our ear through the bones of the skull.
  • Connectivity: All sunglasses of this type can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, so you can listen to music and answer phone calls without taking the phone out of your pocket or bag.
  • Autonomy: given the limited space available, the lithium battery must be sufficient to guarantee at least 4-5 hours of continuous listening before discharging completely. To listen to music for longer we will have to consider the purchase of a power bank.

Only after verifying these characteristics can we proceed with the purchase of sunglasses with Bluetooth audio.

Buying Guide

If we don’t know which Bluetooth sunglasses to buy, we can take a look at the models available below, so you can choose which one is right for us and save money thanks to the discounts applied by Amazon on all products.

The cheapest Bluetooth glasses model we can buy is the Yiqian104, available on Amazon for less than 70 €.

These glasses feature anti-UV and anti-blue light polarized lenses, clear interchangeable lenses, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, integrated microphone, and audio transmission via bone conduction, so you can always listen to external sounds without having to keep earphones in place.

If we look for other models of Bluetooth glasses at a good price we can take a look at the WNZL Bluetooth headphones, available on Amazon for less than 120 €.

These glasses combine a truly elegant and fashionable design with a polarized lens with 100% UV protection, a bone conduction audio transmission system, a built-in microphone, and a lithium battery with 5 hours of autonomy.

Another model of Bluetooth glasses to consider are the BAXET, available on Amazon for less than 130 €.

We can choose between three different colors for the frame and, having made the choice, we can wear fashionable glasses with Bluetooth 5.0 connection, a polarized lens with UV400 protection, possibility to mount dark lenses with your own gradation (very useful for myopic and farsighted) ), bone conduction audio and lithium battery with 5 hours autonomy.

But the glasses that actually started the fashion are undoubtedly the Bose Alto, available on Amazon for less than € 200.
Bose Alto

These glasses feature a truly captivating design, are available with both the classic lens and the round lens, easily fit everyone’s head (thanks to the double size available) and boast the best of audio transmission technology via bone conduction, flanked by a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and a lithium-ion battery with an autonomy of over 5 hours.

In the high end of the Bluetooth glasses, we also find the HUAWEI X Gentle Monster, available on Amazon for less than € 300.

On these glasses, we can find a very thin and light frame, a replaceable anti-UV polarized lens, and a technological heart consisting of Bluetooth connection, an audio transmission system via bone conduction, and a lithium-ion battery capable of guaranteeing 5 hours. of continuous listening.


Although apparently they may seem stylish and impractical glasses for listening to music, bone conduction has made enormous strides in recent years and, especially if we focus on high-end models, these glasses will allow us to listen to the music and answer calls without isolating ourselves from the outside world, as the sound reaches our ears through the bones of the skull.

If we are more traditional and want to focus on EarBuds or AirPods style headphones, we recommend that you read our guides Best alternative Bluetooth headsets to Apple AirPods, for smartphones and iPhones is Best Ear Buds (wireless earbuds).
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