Start of the week full of news for Gmail, the Google e-mail platform, which has dedicated various news to it, both for ordinary users (better management of notifications) and for those with Workspace accounts.
Gmail: improved notification management, roundup of news for Workspace accounts

One of the most successful and used services at Google is undoubtedly its e-mail platform which, in the past few hours, has received an important implementation regarding the management of notifications, in addition to the promise of other improvements for Workspace accounts. of the same.

Currently, it happens that many devices do the same things, with the consequence that, in switching from one to the other, a certain redundancy of notifications for the same events can occur: this happened for example, even in the case of Gmail when, abandoning the phone, they continued to use it from a computer. Google, aware of the problem, has decided to remedy it by starting the roll-out of a novelty, currently in the release phase but already very widespread, which takes care of silencing Gmail notifications (always taking into account that the emails will still be received and will also be viewable in the mobile client) while using the desktop client.

This will happen through a warning on the screen, which alerts the functionality, asking if (by means of a specific button) you intend to use it: pressing Continue, the procedure will start which – secondly – will see the system ask to authorize the browser to monitor user activity on the computer so that, by reviving the use of Gmail on this device, the related notifications on the smartphone are silenced, to give them “voice” once the Gmail client is closed on the desktop browser.

On the blog of the Workspace platform, Google then announced even more news, related to Gmail for Desktop, in favor of Workspace users, including those who are customers of the Gsuite Basic and Business plans, with an implementation that will end by the end of the year. First of all, to avoid sending an email to the wrong person, or sending an email to the same person several times, Mountain View will insert the user’s avatar in his contact chip, so that the sender can have visual knowledge of who is the recipient of your letter. In case you are about to insert a new recipient, the drop-down menu will be gray and with a tick a contact if it has already been entered.

If you interact with individuals outside your organization, Gmail will identify them with a yellow contact chip in the event that you have already written to each other: otherwise, the system will signal that it is an external contact with whom you have not already written by labeling the contact chip with a warning banner in the lower part of the composer. Emails from the same organization, but from different domains (e.g. @youtube and @google), will no longer be marked as external.

When you move between the To, Cc and Bcc fields, Gmail itself will take care to delete the duplicate contacts inserted in the same fields. Finally, Google has provided a new context menu, which will make it easier to copy the email address of a contact, and which will make it easily identifiable by the high recipients of the email by changing the way in which they view the name (useful, for example example, if we have memorized a contact as a sales manager, but it would be more practical for the others to identify him with his name and surname).


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