Gmail is testing the new Quick Reply Bar on Android

Gmail is testing the new Quick Reply Bar on Android

Over the years, instant messaging applications have been able to conquer the world, but email continues to have its place. In fact, everyone finds themselves sending emails almost every day, receiving a large number of them from different senders. Gmail it is one of the most widespread services ever given its maximum integration with the most modern technologies and it does not intend to stop.

Not all messages we receive necessarily need to be read, nor do they need an immediate response. However, many times it happens that we forget to reply to those emails that we should have responded to as soon as they were read and this is precisely why Gmail is taking action.

Google knows very well that this is a problem and it is this motivation to push towards a new one update which now seems imminent. The goal is to make a rapid response system available when the incoming email is read.

Gmail wants to speed up responses to incoming emails

Some rumors have noted that on the Android platform, Gmail is testing a new reply window for emails. This appears at the bottom of the interface, with a barra useful for typing a quick response. We remind you that there are currently some buttons available to choose based on the option you intend to use, including reply to all and forwarding.

Google Gmail bar quick reply update

To give more immediacy, however, Gmail wants to renew the user interface by abandoning those buttons and inserting a window quick answer. Obviously the other options will also remain active, such as “reply to all” and “forward”; just press on the drop-down menu on the left side of the new response bar.

This is probably the definitive solution for all users who systematically forget to reply to incoming emails. Unfortunately there is no confirmation that this update will arrive in the near future, but it could certainly be a step forward for it to happen.

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