Still struggling with upheavals on the upper floors, Meta, intent on profoundly renewing the advertisements, has unveiled two interesting news in simulated worlds altitude.
Goal: other executive farewells, VR and Apple Health, Horizon Home

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The exits of important managers at Meta continue, with the hi-tech giant who has also just lost the chief engineer David Mortenson who, after 11 years of work at Facebook first and then Meta, has decided to take a “long break”. Nonetheless, Menlo Park has not been discouraged and, as it proceeds to develop a new type of advertising less greedy for personal data, it has announced important news in VR share.

In the past few hours, some ad buyers who have remained anonymous to preserve their relationship with Facebook have confirmed to Business Insider that Facebook is working on a new type of ad, presumably cheaper, the basic ads, aimed at who they are looking for. to create awareness and shape the perception of products, which would not be based “on anonymous personal information of users” but whose performance and coverage would be evaluated “based on basic metrics including engagement and video views”.

The project in question, still in the early stages of development, would mean that, by creating better ads, you would get better coverage, maximizing the possibility of getting in touch with the right people: the downside is that it would be less ads. targeted.

There are not a few games that allow you to do physical activity in VR, just think of The Thrill of the Fight or FitXR: until recently, however, it was necessary to refer to the internal fitness tracker of the Oculus Quest viewers, “Move”, to see the approximate calories burned with these games, the training time in VR, and the results obtained against the set goals. Now, however, it has been announced that these data will be automatically synchronized with the owners of the iPhone and Apple Watch who, consequently, from their devices, via Apple Health, will also have this category of data available, automatically and without having to enter them. in manual.

Meta’s latest big news also relates to simulated worlds. Mark Zuckerberg, with a video on his official profile, announced that, with the 4.1 update for Oculus Quest viewers, the Horizon Home environment comes as a dowry. The latter, in addition to being an “organic” environment for launching games, apps and experiencing a plurality of experiences, can be customized and will be a place for sharing: in this sense, you can invite friends and acquaintances, to play together, open apps , watch movies (as done by Zuckerberg himself with the hiker Alex Honnold, with whom he watched the film The Soloist VR of which the well-known freeclimber is the protagonist).


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