Good news for longtime Google Workspace users

Good news for longtime Google Workspace users

Google wanted to reward the loyalty of some of its historical users with a small but appreciable gift.

The accounts G Suite (Today Google Workspace) ten years old, have in fact received additional free cloud storage more. Although the Mountain View company rightly tends to push users towards more expensive plans and subscriptions, it wanted to reward those who have believed in the platform for a long time, warning them of the free gift via an email.

Not only that: through an email message addressed to G Suite users who pay for extra storage space, Google warned of the cancellation of this payment and the related refund.

Through the site TheVergea Google spokesperson confirmed that customers who received this notification via email will keep the new storage space on their account without any particular time limits.

Free extra storage space for Google Workspace loyalists

Google Workspace is a platform that contains within it some of the most famous web applications in the world such as Gmail, Calendar and many others.

Compared to the free version of these tools, in this context some useful features are proposed in professional contexts, such as customizing the email domain and other advanced functions. To demonstrate how effective Google Workspace is, according to the company it is used by more than 5 million organizations all over the world.

The boom in registrations is also due to the openness towards individuals private userswhich took place in 2021. Once this barrier was broken down, in fact, the suite grew exponentially with numbers that were impressive to say the least.

Furthermore, part of the success of this service is determined by Google’s attention to protecting its users. Recently, in fact, the company has implemented a series of initiatives to make its working environment even more enjoyable safer compared to the past.

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