Goodbye Google Pay: the app stops working forever

Goodbye Google Pay: the app stops working forever

As reported by the site 9to5Googlethe application Google Pay has definitively ceased to exist.

The closure is certainly not a bolt from the blue, given that Google’s intention was already clear since February, when the dismantling of the payment system was announced. With a gradual transition, much of the Google Pay infrastructure has been incorporated into the Mountain View company’s new payments app, i.e. Google Wallet.

The app represented a critical first step for i NFC paymentswith the decline starting with the launch of Apple Payborn in 2014 and proven in many ways more effective than its counterpart.

The inglorious end of Google Pay was influenced by several questionable decisions by the company, with the coexistence on Play Store of two separate apps and calls with the same name for a certain period. This, combined with some technical problems, have done nothing but drive away users who had very valid alternatives available.

Stop Google Pay: between bad company decisions and competition

Simultaneously with the decline of Google Pay, the company launched Google Wallet in July 2022. According to what the company itself said, the older payment app remained intended for only two countries, viz United States e Singapore. This was until the definitive closure, which finally arrived in recent days.

Although the name of Google is rightly associated with enormous successes, in reality the company has also collected a considerable series of sensational flops.

Google VPN, for example, will close its doors by the end of this year. The reason for this decision is the most obvious: too few users use this service.

On the other hand, sooner or later, almost all the big names in technology have to deal with some project that doesn’t go as planned and, even a giant in the sector like Microsofthas repeatedly had to deal with some rather glaring errors.

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