Goodbye to Nitter, the service that allows you to see tweets accessing X

Goodbye to Nitter, the service that allows you to see tweets accessing X

Rivetsa service known for offering the ability to view tweets without having to log in X it was permanently closed.

The farewell is due to the changes to the platform, which in fact has long undertaken rather restrictive policies regarding third party services. Nitter has long been a front-end alternativomanaged by the Czech group NoLogsanctioned the end of the project through an official communication: “Nitter is over – it was a fun ride. Twitter has blocked the last known way to access its network without a user account“.

In reality, the death of this service had already been in the air for some time. In fact, about eight months ago, X imposed new restrictions API which did not bode well for Nitter and other similar platforms.

Stop Nitter, X contents will be less accessible from the outside

The service in question, according to the managers themselves, was designed to preserve user privacy. According to NoLog, for the past two years the platform has been sending via proxy over 10 billion requests to X, protecting users from tracking relating to advertisements. The NoLog team then underlined how server management costs money around 600 euros per monthmoney obtained thanks to user donations.

Despite this, there is still a theoretical possibility of accessing X from the outside, adopting a solution based on guest accounts. This is accessible even without using e-mail, password or usernames and does not require any type of registration. In fact, however, the closure of Nitter makes everything much more complicated.

This is not the first time (nor the last) that social platforms and third-party solutions have clashed. Just think of the recent case of Meta which has thrown several marketers and small businesses into despair.

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