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Goodbye to unknown calls on WhatsApp, what changes for privacy

In recent months there have been many news announced and implemented by WhatsApp with the aim of making the platform extremely competitive, more intuitive, faster, more functional, to give it a modern and avant-garde look and to offer users new tools to communicate clearly and effectively. Another important aspect for the company it is the protection of the privacy and security of those who choose the application to be able to converse daily with friends, relatives, customers and colleagues.

For this reason, it has added options that give you more control over your business. It’s about the possibility of silence calls from strangers and to have available a hub where you can control all your privacy settings. The two innovations are closely linked to each other.

Improved privacy control on WhatsApp, the details of the new feature

The new feature strongly desired by WhatsApp developers allows users to review and change all privacy settings quickly, through a simplified process. Thanks to this new management system, those who have chosen the platform as an instant messaging service can have complete control of their personal information and increase information security.

To review your preferences on privacy it will be enough select a verification banner. After choosing an application control start, WhatsApp will guide users in configuring the settings to ensure a high and appropriate protection system. The feature will be released to those using the app for Android and iOS devices.

Silence calls from strangers: how to do it on WhatsApp

Calls from unknown numbers, as well as harming your privacy, can be very annoying and dangerous. Soon all users will have the opportunity to mute them automatically. Spam and unwanted calls are especially targeted by developers scam attemptsto offer an increasingly satisfying and safe experience.

The function, which will probably take the name of Mute unknown callscan be activated in the WhatsApp settings menu.

At the moment, both new features to protect privacy and security they are in the testing phase and are only available to a limited number of users who use the beta version of the application. In the coming weeks, after being optimized, they will be distributed to all users.

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