Google Accidentally Reports Samsung Apps as Malicious: What Happened?

Google Play Protect it is a system that protects Android users from potential threats deriving from malicious apps.

Despite its work, it is a discreet presence that, for most users, has never been noticed in action. In reality, in recent days, Google Play Protect has begun to provide very strange reports to Samsung users, causing quite a bit of confusion.

As reported by 9to5Googlethe protection system created by Google, recently reported how malware two apps (i.e Samsung Wallet e Samsung Messages) available by default on smartphones from the Korean manufacturer.

Harmful Samsung apps? Google Play Protect mistakenly considers them to be malware

The event, which occurred at the beginning of the current month, was documented by several screenshots of Play Protect posted on the support forums. The scale of the event even led Google to take action, stating that the problem was caused by a temporary failure of Google serversnow resolved.

Both Samsung Wallet and Samsung Message come as system apps on the manufacturer’s smartphones. Play Protect not only reported the same but asked users to remove the apps. This has caused some disorientation among users as, since these are system apps, it is impossible to uninstall such software from the device.

To address this issue, many users have disabled Play Protect scanning. Since the problem has been resolved, the advice is to reactivate it to provide adequate protection for your phone.

Cases of this type in the IT context are not new. Just think of the case from a couple of months ago, in which the browser Edge the installer reported Chrome like a dangerous file.


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