Google and Epic face off in court over

Per Google e Epic Games the time has come to face each other court. The Mountain View giant has been accused of unfair competition from the company with Tim Sweeney at the helm, and yes, the popular video game is involved in this case too Fortnite.

For several years now, Epic Games has been carrying on a legal battle against Apple and Big G, two companies that impose the payment of a commission for each purchase on the App Store and Play Store respectively. Including in-app ones, obviously, and for this very reason the two giants prohibit the use of alternative purchasing systems.

Epic Games tried to challenge the two giants by inserting a link to their site in Fortnite to purchase the V-Buck (the game currency), but got the worst and the celebrated Battle Royale has been removed from both the App Store and Play Store.

Epic attacks, Google defends itself

Tim Sweeney you never hid the fact that the main target of the initiative was Apple. In the eyes of Epic Games, however, Google isn’t innocent either, On the contrary. According to the prosecution, in fact, Big G would oblige developers to distribute their applications for Android devices solely through its Play Store.

With the dual objective of defending its image and clarifying a more than thorny topic, Google has published a detailed press release full of interesting statements.

«Android […] it gave consumers more options and allowed developers to thrive. Epic Games has fought a years-long global campaign to overturn this system in the hopes of getting something for nothing. They have already sued Apple and lost twice», we read at the beginning of the press release.

«Epic claims that it is forced to distribute its applications through the Play Store and that the options available to developers are too restrictive. These claims are unfounded. Android allows developers to distribute through multiple app stores or directly to users via the web, bypassing app stores altogether. The truth is that Epic simply wants all the benefits that Android and Google Play offer without having to pay for them. And it wants to eliminate critical security and privacy protections that keep billions of users safe from dangers like suspicious subscriptions and illicit billing, for which Epic itself has faced record fines», there Google.


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