Google announces several new features for Android Auto and Android Automotive

In recent days, Google has announced news of imminent implementation for its services for vehicles compatible with Android Auto, or whose infotainment is animated by the Android Automotive operating system.
Google announces several new features for Android Auto and Android Automotive

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During the last edition of the I / O 2022 event, Google announced several innovations, including the Pixel Buds Pro earphones, the Pixel 6a smartphone, but also countless improvements for its services: among these, some destined to receive a particular attention from Mountain View will be those intended for vehicles.

Specifically, Google has announced that, by the end of next summer, the split-screen display will arrive on all vehicles compatible with Android Auto which, a bit like Apple’s CarPlay, will place information and information on a single screen. main controls, allowing access to navigation, the multimedia player, and messages through a subdivision of the screen which, avoiding users having to navigate between multiple pages, should – in principle – distract them less from driving.

Compared to the past, when this opportunity was present only on some infotainments, now the news will reach everyone, regardless of the format (more or less elongated), the dimensions, and the orientation, vertical or horizontal, of the touchscreen, so much so that they shouldn’t there are no problems even in the case of the 33-inch maxi panels of the Cadillac Lyriq, or on the 56 ”wide panels of the Mercedes-Benz EQ, given the adaptive nature of the new UI.

In confirming that of course the individual apps can still be opened in full screen, Google also underlined the arrival of greater intelligence for Assistant, more able to take into account the context for advice and suggestions, just think of the possibility of resuming on the fly a missed call. With just one touch you can call your favorite contacts or send them messages, and new standard quick replies will arrive, perhaps to inform you of your arrival time.

On the Android Automotive operating system, with the car stationary, it will be possible to enjoy new streaming services, such as Tubi TV and Epix Now, which will be added to YouTube announced at CES 2022: in addition, it will also be possible to broadcast, always with the car parked, streaming contents from your Android device, to enjoy them on the largest infotainment of your vehicle. Finally, mentioning the fact that there are currently 150 million cars implemented with Android Auto, Google has announced its intention to go beyond this milestone, also thanks to new devices, such as the Motorola MA1.


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