Google Arts and Culture: game to write AI prompts arrives

Last November, Google Arts and Culture published “Say What You See”, a fun little game that allows you to learn “the art of suggesting images”. The Google Arts & Culture experiment shows an image generated byartificial intelligence on the left. The user will then have to write a message, up to 120 characters, which generates a similar match. This process requires up to 30 seconds and can also display works from the Arts & Culture library. To date, Google does not specify which model it is using to train the AI ​​(Image 2 was in fact announced in December and offers photorealistic, high-resolution images with significantly improved image quality), but it is likely that this will be revealed in the coming months.

Google Arts and Culture: come funziona “Say What You See”

In the first level you need one 50% match between image and description. Only then can we move on to the second level. Naturally, as the levels go by, the difficulty will become increasingly greater (60% in level 2, 70% in level 3, etc.). Users have three attempts available. Google will still provide suggestions for creating the description such as “include information about the medium, subject and context”, as well as specifying the artistic period e materials o shape e texture. Users can also play “Say What You See” on mobile devicetaking advantage of the Arts & Culture app for Android. After playing, users can write real image messages using Search Generative Experience (SGE), if these are registered with Google Search Labs.

Google Arts and Culture’s “Say What You See” game, which uses artificial intelligence to generate images, is available now a few selected countries. The company of Mountain View however, he declared that in the coming months it will be extended to other areas of the world (such as Europe).


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