Google Assistant is about to say goodbye to many of its features

Today, voice assistants are essential for receiving the necessary information from the web and for many other daily activities. One of the best is obviously the Google Assistant which is about to go through some changes. There are many features that are about to be discontinued to improve quality, reliability and fluidity.

Google’s voice assistant is about to definitively leave some features that have made it great over the years. Starting January 26, anyone who tries to use some features may receive a warning that that service will be shut down.

Among the most notable features, the voice control of audiobooks on Google Play Books. Furthermore also the management of stopwatch on smart displays Google Home is about to change, although it is still available now. In the search bar, the microphone icon will no longer be used for some operations such as turning on the lights or perhapssending a message.

Google Assistant says goodbye to many of its functions

Google won’t just remove features. In fact, the company is also improving the user experience within its app. Now, using the microphone icon, users will be able to get search results in response to their questions, thus simplifying its use.

Nothing will change regarding the activation of the Assistant: as always you will have to exclaim: “Cow Google” or perhaps press and hold the Home or Power button, or even open the dedicated app.

Probably all this is nothing more than preparation for the launch of the next assistant based on generative artificial intelligence. We are talking about Bardwhich will in fact replace the current voice assistant on supported Android devices.

This will be a new starting point which will most likely see a new chapter in the challenge with Siri of Apple. The latter will also be improved with the introduction of generative artificial intelligence, so a great duel between the two factions is expected.


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