Google bans these apps, they stole user data

Google bans these apps, they stole user data

Dangers are always around the corner, but current operating systems manage to overcome these problems before users can notice it. All this happens very often, but sometimes something can also be missed, as happened to Google inside the Play Store.

The famous market reserved for applications and games offers a huge number of titles and among all these every now and then a few bad apples could happen. The problem would affect the safety and on the privacy of users, which is why Google has significantly increased its security tools in recent years.

These deal with the monitoring of applications published in the Play Store, a system that fortunately worked in the case of two applications.

Google has permanently banned two applications that stole data from users

As reported by some official sources, two very popular applications on the Play Store and on users’ smartphones would have brought many problems. Beyond 1.5 millioni of people used the two applications that are File Recovery e File Manager.

In both cases, the applications did not only perform the functions for which they were created and advertised in the Play Store. Indeed, the applications have revealed themselves harmfulbeing able to steal without user consent either personal data other information, then sending it to servers in China.

As the developers of the two platforms had stated, the number of data acquired would have been significantly less than what actually happened. The data in question concerned Images, video, position of the user in real time, contacts personal and also network information.

Unfortunately, in these cases, users have no way of safeguarding their privacy, since these are applications with many references on their side. The large number of downloads in fact pushed more and more people to rely on the performance of the two apps today bannate dal Play Store.

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