Google Bard, 2024 updates: Big G wants to please users

There is also one of the great protagonists of 2023 Google Bard, the AI ​​chatbot from the Mountain View giant. As is obvious, all the updates released up to this point have been studied by the US company, however it is the latter that wants to mix things up a bit with the arrival of 2024.

Is called “2024 Bard Wishlist” the subreddit created by Google (via Bard product manager Chris Gorgolewski) for collect user opinions on your chatbot, on how things have gone so far and, above all, on what they would like to see change. The invitation is very clear: “We’d love to hear what changes and new features you’d like to see in Bard in 2024“.

Riding the trend, on X another member of Google’s AI team, Jack Krawczyk, published a post with 4 (+1) of the main requests for Bard for 2024. For example, we talk about greater control over hallucinations (results not based on training data and/or reality) and on easier access, for example via app per smartphone e tablet.

Assistant with Bard - Google

Speaking of a mobile version, a solution has already been announced and will be compatible with both Android and iOS/iPadOS. This is Assistant with Bard, which is an enhanced version of Big G’s virtual assistant that many already use today.

However, a more conventional app could be even more convenient (hence the strong demand from the community), it is no coincidence that both Microsoft (Copilot) and OpenAI (ChatGPT) have opted for this solution.


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