Google Bard Advance, the new version of the chatbot will be available only to subscribers

Google Bard AdvanceBig G’s chatbot powered by Gemini Ultrais getting closer and closer and according to the first official information, it will be necessary to use it subscribe to a premium plan.

As well known Gemini will be available in three versions, with the Ultra model representing the maximum expression in terms of artificial intelligence of the Mountain View company.

We are talking about an extremely sophisticated tool that will be able to satisfy any user request therefore, given this, it is not surprising that Big G has decided to offer this subscription service.

What we know about Google Bard Advance

In Google’s recent conference to discuss the company’s earnings, the company officially spoke about Google Bard Advanced and its future developments.

At the moment, the chatbot uses Gemini Pro and is capable of understand the questions posted by users, summarize texts, reason, ENCODE (with different code languages) e plan activities of different nature.

It can already be used in more than 230 countries around the world and has already been translated into more than 40 languages, but this is just the beginning.

In Big G’s future plans, in fact, there is an even more advanced version of the chatbot which will be reserved for subscribers and will be based on Gemini Ultra.

As previously mentioned, this new tool will be very high-performance and will be able to draw on a vast wealth of knowledge which include every area of ​​human knowledge so as to find efficient answers even to extremely complex questions.

He will also be able to work on different types of input and will be able to generate texts, Imagesvideo, lines of code (in many coding languages) e file audio.

The first information in this regard speaks of a technology capable of handle extremely complex calculations and even to exceed the potential ofChatGPT-4.

An official release date is not yet available but, given the great potential of the free version of Bard (which contains the basic model of Gemini) it is clear that the use of an “improved” version of this artificial intelligence can further grow this tool, bringing it (according to Google’s statements) as close as possible to functions of a human brainincluding the possibility of think logically and act accordingly based on these inferences.

How much will Google Bard Advanced cost

For the moment the cost of the future subscription to Gemini Ultra and, therefore, to Google Bard Advanced it has not yet been officially revealed.

However, you can look at the moves of the “competition” to get an idea about it: ChatGPT plus, for example, has a cost of 20 dollars a month therefore it cannot be ruled out that Big G could also opt for such a price for its artificial intelligence, although probably close to the release the company will share the “price list” with the prices and services of the various subscriptions.

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