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Google Bard, AI improves in mathematics and programming

Thanks to the determination of the Mountain View company, Google Bard still evolves. After the update that made it more efficient in creating summaries and reading sources, the AI chatbot becomes even more effective in the activities of coding and in the resolution of math and logic problems. This is thanks to a technique that Google defines as “implicit execution of the code” o “implicit code execution”. In addition, it has been enriched with a new function that allows you to create and export tables in Google Sheets.

Google Bard’s progress in logic and reasoning tasks

Large Language Models (LLMs) like Bard work as prediction engines, meaning they generate responses by predicting the likely next words in a sentence. Although this makes them skilled at writing emails and essaysare certainly less reliable in terms of software programming.

It is important to note that code generation patterns like Copilot e CodeWhisperer they are not generic and have been trained almost exclusively on code samplesunlike Bard and models along the lines of ChatGPT, which have been trained with a wealth of textual data from the web, e-books and other resources.

Recently, the Big G released an update to specifically improve the logic capabilities of its chatbot. Now Bard is able to write and run Python code in the background to answer questions about math, programming, or string manipulation.

So, for example, it can help with calculating the prime factors of a number or reversing a string of characters. Programmers can also view the generated source coderun it independently from the chatbot screen, and enhance it for use in other projects.

According to an internal study, implicit execution of the Google Bard code led to a 30% increase in accuracy of answers when language and math calculations are required. However, the accuracy of the outputs may not always be right, which means it needs to be fine-tuned. However, it remains an important step forward.

L’integration with Google Sheets makes the experience with Bard even more interesting. Now you can create a table from a prompt and export it directly to Sheets with a ready-to-use formatting to avoid data loss. Unfortunately, accessing these features is only possible via VPN since Google Bard is not yet available in Europe.

Google addresses criticism by improving AI chatbot performance

After all, Bard was subject of a number of criticisms at its launch. Some Google employees who had tested the chatbot before release described it “worse than useless” it’s a “pathological liar“. A Google ad helped fuel this idea by posting an incorrect response from Bard that caused a 8% drop in company stock.

However, Google is now responding to the criticism enhancing Bard’s abilities and adding support for new languages, multimodal queries, and image generation. While these updates may increase Bard’s performance, it remains to be seen whether it can compete with other chatbots from generative artificial intelligence as the Anthropic model with an expanded “context window” e ChatGPT on OpenAI which has incorporated plug-ins that offer external knowledge and expertise.

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