Google Bard available to teens worldwide

The challenge between the various giants of the technology world in recent times focuses above all on artificial intelligence. When Google launched its chatbot months ago Bard, there were many discussions. Someone first talked about the direct comparison with OpenAI’s virtual product, i.e. ChatGPT, while someone else believed that it was not right to limit it to just some users.

In fact, Bard was presented as available only for adult users but now something has changed. In fact, starting yesterday Google made the extension of the AI ​​service official even to teenagers.

For the first time this category will be able to exploit Bard in all its possibilities and this was confirmed by the Mountain View giant on its official blog.

Google also extends Bard to teenagers, now artificial intelligence is intended for everyone

Google Bard’s services will be available to everyone, or at least to teenagers who meet the minimum age requirements for managing a Google account. In most countries the minimum age is 13, but there are areas where the situation may vary.

The perfect example is Greece, Vietnam and Aruba, nations which together with a few others have a limit that can vary from 14 to 16 years.

To celebrate this news, Google has also integrated two new features that mainly concern the younger audience. Anyone will be able to type or upload an image of a mathematical equation, with Bard being able to give an answer.

The other function allows you to view data and transform it into real graphs. For example, users will be able to ask the chatbot to create a graph regarding the hours of work performed. In order to guarantee this possibility also to a younger audience, Google has collaborated closely with some organizations, such as the Family Online Safety Institute.


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