Google Bard is “transforming” into Gemini: here’s what will change

Google Bard is

In the ecosystem Googleat least until now, Bard it is the app most subject to rapid and substantial evolution. In this context, the Mountain View giant seems inclined, in the near future, to transform the chatbot renaming it directly Gemini with related changes.

As reported by the site Engadgetthe developer Dylan Roussel has revealed a list of new features regarding Google Bard which, presumably, will be implemented over the next few days.

The first and most obvious, as already mentioned, is the name change. Secondly, apparently a new one will be available soondedicated app on Android, initially offered only in the United States. According to Roussel, Gemini will then be integrated with several Google apps, such as Google Maps e YouTube.

Among the revelations, there is also the introduction of a paid subscription that, presumably, will be called Gemini Advanced. In this way Google will follow the path of leading companies in theArtificial intelligence like OpenAI, offering both free and paid tools.

Google Bard becomes Gemini and follows the path of ChatGPT

What Roussel said, however, are only part of the rumors circulating online regarding the evolution of Google Bard.

The user known on social networks with a nickname @AssembleDebugas revealed by the site Androidpolice.comhe would have found a Bard/Gemini contact page within Google Messages. This would lead to a future possibility of chatting with AI as with any other contact.

More generally, listening to the various rumors, it seems clear that Google’s AI assistant will gradually be integrated into the majority of applications in circulation.

Given the increasingly insistent rumors regarding Apple and its intention to (finally) enter the AI ​​sector, it is likely that the Mountain View company has decided to step on the accelerator to gain a bit of an advantage over the competition.

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