Google Calendar: remembering birthdays will be much easier

Google Calendar: remembering birthdays will be much easier

Many users don’t think so Google Calendar the most interesting app within its solutions but it is certainly one of the most useful ones. There are many people who rely on this platform to take a look at the calendar but at the same time also to remember all the birthdays. Now Google’s goal is to make this latest feature even more efficient, all by implementing a new feature.

This would currently be hidden in the release code 2024.21.0-637471596. Currently, adding a birthday involves multiple steps. Among these is the creation of a eventthe modification of settings and repeating for each year. Alternatively, you can also add birthday information to a contact. These will be inserted into Google Calendar in the area reserved for birthdays, therefore separately. However, as reported by the main leakers, hidden in the latest Google Calendar update there would be a new button “Birthday” ready to simplify the process.

Google Calendar: Birthdays are now easier to remember

The presence of a new button has been identified within the code of the latest version of Google Calendar. The latter could be a real game-changer.

According to what has been reported, it could allow you to automatically transform the simple insertion of a birthday in a recurring event. In short this means that there will no longer be a need for other manual arrangements to ensure that birthday is remembered every year. There is also an option to include the person’s birth year, although at least for now the purpose of this is unknown. Some people talk about introducing a countdown function.

This new update also appears to encourage users to add more birthdays to their Google Calendar, ensuring they don’t miss out on special family or friendship days. Finally, it is essential to remember that this functionality is not yet active within the app. It is not clear if and when Google will officially distribute it to its public.

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