Google changes the colors of Maps, users are not happy

The end of 2023 will be emblematic for the innovations it will bring Google to its users, including all proprietary applications. One of the most interested is Maps, which has reported many updates over the year.

Now it is launching its new range of colors and apparently all this does not please users. Although the changes made by the company are not too drastic, the new colors regarding Google Maps took the public by surprise, who in fact would have turned up their noses.

There are many posts on the web that concern the various color choices adopted for the famous navigation application. The streets that, for example, were previously depicted in white have now become grey. The blue color adopted for the sea and for each waterway is now lighter while the green areas have a significantly darker shade than before.

Google Maps changes colors, users are annoyed

Google Maps screenshot color change

A few things have changed in Google Maps, which today, for example, shows an indicator of the route of a much brighter blue and, for some, annoying. For all those who are used to using the application, all this could be very strange.

In fact, many users have expressed their opinion on forums and social media, believing that the streets are now difficult to identify on Google Maps. One of the biggest complaints about colors deals with the difficulty in view details on the map since they are more faded than before.

At the moment it is not clear why Google made this choice. The company has suddenly chosen to change the colors of Maps and apparently there will be no other changes that can bring old habits back. The renovation phase continues and everyone will have to get used to it once and for all.


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