Google Chat, big news for sharing links

One of the most interesting tools to communicate today is represented by Google Chat. There are no obvious problems that distinguish the famous application, but obviously someone would have been able to find some small flaws.

An issue regarding the link sharing, as users must type the entire URL within a conversation. Therefore, sharing a hypertext link is complicated for users: it is in fact not possible to add it to a word by embedding it.

However, to give a more professional aspect to a conversation of a certain level, the Google team would have thought of a update. Chat is in fact about to welcome a very welcome novelty.

Google Chat, the development team updates the app with hyperlinks

For some time now, user complaints have been pervading the minds of Google Chat developers who have in fact thought of a solution. According to what was officially reported by the developers, the Mountain View company would have chosen to launch a new update.

The messaging service now allows you to create hyperlinks. The possibility arrives both on the web and on the Android operating system: the link within one or more words can be inserted both when composing the message, and afterwards.

Creating a hyperlink will be very easy and intuitive. In fact, it will be enough to select the portion of text within which you want to insert the link and then choose the key dedicated below. You can also use the usual keyboard shortcuts, that is Command+K your macOS and CTRL+K on Windows and ChromeOS. This will make it much faster to include URL links in your text.

At the moment the feature is not available to everyone as Google is in the middle of the release phase. It may take up to 15 days for the new feature to affect all compatible devices.


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