Google Chrome 123 released: all the news

Google Chrome 123 released: all the news

In the last few hours the new stable version of Google Chromeor the 123.0.6312.58 for Linux and the 123.0.6312.59 on Windows and macOS. The main innovations of the browser concern additional functions and relevant changes CSS e API Webin addition to 12 bug fixes generic.

The work of the developers on the compression algorithm Zstandard (zstd) has been improved, leading to several real benefits for the user. In this sense, we talk about reducing page loading times, optimizing connection bandwidth and the resources required from the CPU.

Compared to codice CSS, changes have been made to Chrome’s light or dark mode, with different color schemes than before. Still in the CSS context, there are improvements over the reproduction of contenuti picture-in-picture.

Google Chrome 123: 12 bugs fixed and new features for CSS code and Web API

On the Web API side, Google Chrome 123 will improve the management of the credentials they use public key cryptographyinstead of the classic passwords, in the context oftwo-factor authentication.

L’API Long Animation Framesalready adopted by Chrome 58has been optimized with greater freedom of action for Google developers, and finally, it has improved the reproduction of characters and punctuation for oriental languages ​​(i.e. Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

These introductions follow the news announced just a few days ago with respect to the update of the function Safe navigation. Through this introduction, Google has demonstrated how it has a concrete intention to protect users of its browser in an increasingly efficient way. Even before, at the beginning of 2024, the Mountain View company had intervened with a certain urgency, through a security patch, to protect Chrome from a dangerous exploit zero-day.

The release of the next stable version of the browser, i.e 124is scheduled for next year April 16.

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