Google Chrome: announced five new features that optimize the address bar

There is no doubt which is the most used web browser, both on computers and on smartphones and tablets. It’s about Google Chrome, a point of reference thanks to features that make its use more pleasant and accessible to everyone, experts and non-experts alike. This is a situation that Big G is proudly aware of, and for this very reason – and at a good pace – updates its browser to further improve theuser experience.

Google Chrome: news announced for the address bar

The Mountain View giant has communicated five updates regarding the address and search bar:

  1. Smarter autocomplete: it will no longer be necessary to type the URL from the beginning to have Chrome complete it automatically. In fact, the complete will take place starting from any word previously used to search for a particular website.
    Google Chrome - Omnibox update
  2. In case of typing errors, the Big G browser will be able to provide suggestions based on previous website searches. Writing for example “youutube.”the browser will also suggest
  3. The search for elements in bookmarks will also be extended to folders, both on desktop and mobile devices. Simply type the folder name to begin the search.
  4. Even without typing the correct name, Google Chrome will be able to suggest the most visited sites even when these are not present in the user’s history.
    Google Chrome - Most popular sites suggestion
  5. In addition to a improved visual layout so as to facilitate reading, it will also increase responsiveness of the browser, in order to provide results in even less time while typing the first letters.

The five improvements described above are undergoing gradual releaseso users will be able to notice it in the next few days an upgrade to the performance of the omnibox.


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