Google Chrome: interesting new features coming to the search bar

Google Chrome: interesting new features coming to the search bar

As reported by Search Engine RoundtableGoogle is testing some interesting innovations regarding search barwith a particular focus on i suggestions.

The search field on Chromein fact, will be able to show query suggerite even before the user starts typing words. These suggestions, in fact, will refer to previous searches carried out with the browser.

Although Chrome has long suggested potential searches to the user, this new feature also affects images and, overall, seems to be much more effective than in the past.

Searching for a recipe, for example, Google will also show potential queries relating to the ingredients, with possible variations and combinations of sorts, as well as images relating to them. All this also taking into account the location from which the search was carried out.

Search suggestions and poor connections: Here’s how Google is improving Chrome

Another introduction should influence purchases from Chrome on mobile. The news, which affects both the version Android That iOS browser, it will lead the search box to provide, in addition to text suggestions, too Images which concern neighboring product categories.

In an example shown by Google, a user who searches for the topic “bohemian table” research suggestions are made regarding “bohemian tablecloth” o “bohemian table runner“. Finally, there is another potentially very useful implementation for those who often deal with poor connections.

As reported by Google spokesperson, Joshua CruzWith this feature, Chrome will download a lightweight read-only template that includes the most popular search suggestions for a specific location from Google’s server and store the template in the user’s directory“.

All this to make sure that Chrome “Can provide these top search suggestions to users when server suggestions cannot be returned by the server in time or are not allowed (as happens with incognito browsing, ed.)”.

Recently, Google developers have demonstrated that they do not want to neglect Artificial Intelligence either, with interesting introductions to this effect.


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