Google Chrome is updated on iOS: 4 new features arrive with AI

Google is going through a period of profound renewal especially for its main applications. The famous browser is not without improvements Google Chrome which just recently updated the application to increase its performance. In addition to the new Chrome 113 version, a new update has arrived for the application dedicated to iOS.

All the iPhone Apple will benefit from a long series of innovations that Google has summarized in a post on its official blog. This one, titled “Four new ways to use Chrome on iOS“, sums up all the new aspects based onartificial intelligence introduced within the web browser that at least for the moment are not planned for other operating systems.

Google Chrome, 4 new features reserved for iOS users: here they are

Google Chrome iOS update

First of all, iOS users who will use the new version of Google Chrome will be able to see the addresses are Google Maps directly by clicking on it from any web page. A tab reserved for the navigation app on Chrome will open, thus showing the exact location. The contribution of artificial intelligence will make it possible to to scan each web page to search for addresses to tag with a link to Google Maps, so you can quickly view them in your browser.

The second feature introduced allows the research via the camera within Chrome. Using Google Lensthis new feature allows for translation, searching for items of clothing and points of interest, identifying plants and animals, and even performing mathematical operations.

The third novelty concerns an improvement of Google Translate, now significantly faster in identifying the language of a web page. The update will involve the usual automatic translation which from now on, however, will happen in a lightning-fast way.

The latest, but certainly not least, is the event creation Of Google Calendar from Chrome. In fact, it will not be necessary to open the dedicated application or copy information from other cards. In fact, artificial intelligence will take care of identifying times, events and dates on each web page. The automatic opening of a pre-compiled form of Calendar will happen automatically by clicking on one of this information.


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