Google Chrome, update for iOS and iPadOS: multi-profile arrives

Google Chrome, update for iOS and iPadOS: multi-profile arrives

In case you have found yourself at least once sharing a iPad with a family member or simply want to keep your work life separate from your leisure browsing, you probably know what it means to only have one profile available. Google Chrome per iOS and for iPadOS it is in fact very high-performance but lacks this functionality.

This, as everyone can see, does not happen on other operating systems such as Windows e macOS. In that case, in fact, users can create multiple profiles together and switch from one to the other. Now, however, something seems to be starting to move for him too iPhone and for iPads according to the latest rumors.

Google Chrome is preparing multi-profile mode for iOS and iPadOS

According to a report published recently on the web, Google is finally testing the functionality dedicated to multi-profile for Apple users with iPad and iPhone.

The update seems imminent will arrive for iOS, a mobile platform that will finally be able to host one of the most useful features. This has long been a feature desired by users as having multiple profiles allows you to separate one area from another or simply your profile from that of a sibling or mom and dad.

At the moment it seems that Google is working on the feature useful for changing profiles only for iOS, although more advanced features are not ruled out for the future. The feature has not been given an official name at the moment and is only accessible via settings in beta. This certifies that it is currently being tested. The source was able to analyze the code and find the strings related to the feature which are hidden behind an experimental flag.

The introduction of this possibility for iOS users would be a great satisfaction as it is not yet available for users as well Android.

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