Google Chrome updates, makes syncing on iOS easier and more complete

The great integration of every tool and application of Google with Apple’s iOS operating system it is now known to everyone. Lately the Mountain View company has announced a small but very important update regarding its primary browser, i.e Chrome.

According to what has been reported, the synchronization bookmarks, passwords and any other information will be much easier. Switching from one device to another will not be a hassle and every browser setting will be easily recoverable.

This new feature is now available for iOS devices and will eliminate any need to trigger Google Chrome sync to transfer all your browser information from one device to another.

Google Chrome, synchronization on iPhones is now very simple

With the new update that Chrome has reported, it will be possible to save new items in your Google account while also accessing what is already present. This works the same way as the other BigG applications on iOS, so it should already be very familiar to those who own an iPhone.

What users will have to do is simply log in to Chrome and save all important information to your Google account. Obviously this includes bookmarks, reading lists, passwords, payment information and much more.

If you wish, you can also synchronize the activity relating to your tabs and browsing history. In this case, someone might not agree for a privacy issue, but all this is designed to make it much easier to resume your browsing activity right where it was interrupted.

It’s important to remember that signing in to Chrome on iOS devices will remain optional. This means that you can save all the information but in that case it will only remain on the device. By choosing the new mode instead, you will be able to transport them to all the others in the future.


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