Google Chrome will be able to read PDF files with OCR technology

The pourpose of Google lately it seems to be clear: the company wants in every way to grant its users increasingly accessible products and services. The various updates reported in the last period fully demonstrate this and to continue along this line a great novelty has arrived. Just yesterday the company made official the possibility of Chrome to interact with i file PDF.

The new possibility is dedicated above all to users with vision problems. Google has introduced a new technology into its browser called OCRcapable of performing optical character recognition.

Google Chrome will read PDF files by converting them to text

Chrome will take care of to convert PDF files in text format for ease of access. Users who will use a screen reader due to vision problems will thus also be able to count on reading PDFs.

This novelty is of fundamental importance since this type of file is usually encoded, also presenting often incomprehensible special characters.

The new update that Chrome has received, however, is not limited only to this addition. Another novelty that comes with the development of the new Google OCR tool allows you to get a full description of the images.

Google chrome reading images

It was 2019 when the company launched the possibility of obtaining image descriptions using the Chrome browser, even for web pages that did not have a alternative text for the photos. Today there is the possibility of relying on OCR to grant additional functionality to PDF files.

Screen reader users can count on Chrome even when they come across a file with no alt text. The browser will in fact be able to perform a conversion snapshot of image to textand then read it aloud. The image will thus be described quickly.

The update is being distributed and within the next few hours it will be extended by Google to all users.


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